This letter will confirm our recent conversation regarding treatment to a spent stillage waste holding lagoon here at Jack Daniel Distillery, whereby enzymes provided by BCMbio, Inc. were used for stabilizing odors and eliminating solids build up from sludge within the above mentioned lagoon.

Utilizing specifications and application rates recommended by representatives from BCMbio odors were significantly decreased and solids appeared to be decreased accordingly.

Respectfully, Douglas

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with your service and the EnviroDEFENSE® Grease Trap product. It looks like your product is the answer I have been looking for to help us with our grease and grease trap problems.

Harry Gallegher
City Manager
Kentucky Fried Chicken

On August 28th, we had our grease traps pumped and started a new clean-up program for our entire waste system using the new product from EnviroDEFENSE®. We were on scheduled program during this test and our clean-up staff applied EnviroDEFENSE® to our waste system during the normal clean-up period.

After about a week and half of using the EnviroDEFENSE® product, we found that the odor that had filled our kitchen and hallways had gone. Before we started on the EnviroDEFENSE® program, the odor had always been with even after having the grease traps pumped.

We are very pleased with the results of the test and plan to continue using the EnviroDEFENSE® product on our entire waste system.

Morrison’s Cafeteria,
Maryville, Tennessee

After using EnviroDEFENSE® WasteWater for 10 days we now have a clean lift station wet well, clean lines and many less man hours. We have been using this product to clean drain lines as well, so after 6 months we have found several uses for it.

I have been in the wastewater treatment workings for 17 years, and up to this time I have found this product to be the most effective I have used.

Respectfully, Gene Kermes
Superintendent, Pollution Control Plant
City Of Muskogee, OK.