Natural Cleaning Solutions

EnviroDEFENSE® biological products are specific blends of 100% natural bacteria and enzymes to remediate Hydrocarbons, Fats, Oils, Greases, Organics, Odor and Starches.

Each EnviroDEFENSE® product is formulated for specific problems found in Wastewater, Grease Traps, Aquaculture Ponds, Sewage and Landfills.

With the hundreds of regulations placed on treating discharge water and natural waterways more and more municipalities are turning to environmentally-friendly products like EnviroDEFENSE®.

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Natural Technology

In many areas of the world, discharge of untreated (or poorly treated) sewage effluent into estuaries, streams and marine waters has caused a continuing concern to environmentalists, health officials and residents. Sources of such discharge…

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The EnviroDEFENSE® product line provides a wide range of natural treatments for Hydrocarbons, Wastewater Treatment, Composting, Surface Cleaning, Aquaculture, Lagoons, Large Scale Odor Control, Septic Cleaning & Grease Trap Cleaning & Odor Control.

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This letter will confirm our recent conversation regarding treatment to a spent stillage waste holding lagoon here at Jack Daniel Distillery, whereby enzymes provided by BCMbio, Inc. were used for stabilizing odors and eliminating solids…

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